Canadian Firm Patents New Energy System based on Hydrogen Production

A Final U.S. Patent has been registered for extracting pure hydrogen from Hydrocarbons, directly inside the reservoirs

Proton Technologies Canada Inc. announced today that after a full year of review and experimentation it has filed a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application, which encapsulated the original patent through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), securing a priority date back to February 2016. The patent includes Proton’s unique technology for hydrogen generation and extraction.

By combing through past and present research papers, Proton’s patent was birthed at the University of Calgary, in collaboration with industry combining two known and viable technologies into a singular idea and vision: generating and producing hydrogen from oil and gas reservoirs, while leaving the carbon in the ground.

Proton expects to expand its patent library in the near future with a myriad of additional patents, both expanding off hydrogen generation and extracting, while also filing other related enablement technologies for downhole mineral extraction.

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