Dr. Yi Su

Research Team Leader, Modelling & Design


Yi Su is employed full time at Proton. She works and lives in Calgary where her software team engages in computer modelling and numerical simulation of complex reservoirs.

Her current work involves simulating in situ combustion projects that have produced anomalously high concentrations of byproduct hydrogen. Once these simulations have history matched, she will optimize methods for increasing hydrogen rates, exploring the impact of such variable as such as porosity, water saturation, and pressure.

She is working with a number of experts at the U of Calgary, including specialists at Dr. Ian Gates lab.

During 2017 her team will work with software developers to translate the Proton Simulation Model (TROVE) into a tool for assessing reservoir suitability and a tool for engineering the design of Troves including the injection and hygeneration wells.

Dr. Yi Su studied engineering at the U of Calgary, and has many years of experience in modelling the thermodynamics of reservoirs.