Seta Afshordi

COO, Proton Technologies


Seta Afshordi believes that a new clean energy era is overdue, and that this change should come from inside the oil and gas industry.

Seta began her career with Schlumberger as a field engineer and explosives officer, working in Scotland and Oman.

She moved to Calgary in 2008 where she worked on a variety of heavy oil projects for Husky, CNRL, Athabasca, and Murphy Oil.

Project types include SAGD, CSS, polymer flooding, THAI, and now Hygenic Earth Energy (hydrogen).

Seta has a Master’s Degree from Chalmer’s University of Technology in Sweden on Environmentally Sustainable Process Technologies, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from prestigious Sharif University in Tehran.

Seta spent 10 years as a National Badminton Champion for both Iran and Sweden.

Miss Afshordi began working for Proton mid-2017 as Operations Manager and rose to become COO of Proton Technologies Canada Inc., whose corporate vision of worldwide transition from fossil energy to clean energy aligns with hers.