Grant Strem

Chairman and CEO, Proton Technologies


Mr. Strem spent a number of years working within the upstream oil and gas sector before moving into reserves evaluation and banking. His general interest in science and space propulsion systems led him toward a physics heavy understanding of extreme oxidation processes.

During his engineering Master’s degree, he was a former student of Dr. Ian Gates and has remained close friends for the last 12 years or so, and they together recognize that a hydrogen economy is the eventual zenith of the world’s energy continuum. They also firmly believe that Proton Technologies has a quickly scalable non-CO2 solution that leverages existing infrastructure, with the lowest negative environmental impact. From space shuttle main engines, to high-tech manufacturing, hydrogen is a key feedstock for blooming energy and materials in a healthy direction.

Grant’s international connections will help to make this a truly global solution.


B.Sc. Geology, University of Calgary
M.Sc. Geology and Geophysics, Specialization in Reservoir Characterization