We’re creating a continuous source of green energy that is clean, affordable and meets market need with a rapidly scalable solution to meet an increase in demand.

 Our patented Proton Process is a first-to-market solution that converts hydrocarbon reservoirs into hydrogen mines by  extracting clean hydrogen and leaving all the emissions in the ground. 

the proton process

Find out how we make Hydrogen from Deep Earth

one solution
Endless impact

Proton Technologies offers a rapidly, massively scalable solution that solves many challenges. 

Hydrogen is Clean

When produced with our patented technology, it creates only energy and pure water.​​

Revive our Energy Sector

Natural gas pipelines can transport large volumes of hydrogen without any hardware changes.

Guilt-free Growth

Hydrogen simultaneously creates new clean energy sources, rejuvenates economies and help countries meet their climate change goals.

Revolutionize Global Economies

Industries can leverage existing investments and compete with clean energy as clean energy.