Whitecap Resources obtains 500 tonne/day Hydrogen production license from Proton Technologies.

https://www.linkedin.com/posts/whitecap-resources-inc-_whitecap-resources-obtains-500-tonneday-activity-6754447458287390720-CVPQ/ Whitecap Resources is a Canadian, carbon-negative oil production company that is expected to produce approximately 100,000 boed/day including their most recent acquisition.Several of the resource assets within Whitecap’s growing portfolio appear to be appropriate for conversion to Proton Technologies’ hydrogen production process.This transaction between Proton and Whitecap was finalized in late December 2020.We look […]

Acquisition of the Superb Test Facility Complete

Kerrobert, Saskatchewan Proton Technologies Canada Inc. (Proton) has secured the Superb air injection test facility to de-risk the technology development path of its clean hydrogen innovation suite. Superb, located near Kerrobert, Saskatchewan, will be operated under a subsidiary of Proton, Superb Operating Company Ltd. The purchase of the facility enables Proton to complete the remaining […]

Affordable Green Hydrogen may Surface in Vast Quantities

Computer Simulations confirm the Economics of Extracting Pure Hydrogen directly from Petroleum Reservoirs Proton Technologies Canada Inc., a Calgary-based firm, has been working with the Gates Research Group at University of Calgary to explore the potential for converting various types of hydrocarbon reservoirs into productive and cost competitive hydrogen reservoirs. By looking at anomalies in […]

Canadian Firm Patents New Energy System based on Hydrogen Production

A Final U.S. Patent has been registered for extracting pure hydrogen from Hydrocarbons, directly inside the reservoirs Proton Technologies Canada Inc. announced today that after a full year of review and experimentation it has filed a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application, which encapsulated the original patent through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), […]