Proton is always accepting resumes to for jobs all over the planet. Sometimes specific job postings will arrive here; like this one from Proton Canada:

Proton Technologies Canada Inc. has current openings, which are funded in part through a federal program which has criteria for successful applicants:
These program criteria are “under age 30”, “is a Canadian citizen”, “has a degree”.

In addition to these foundational requirements, This role is only for people who are passionate about helping us with our goal of producing 10% of the world’s energy by 2040 in the form of clean hydrogen exports. Proton’s process involves injecting oxygen into existing oil deposits, which causes reactions that liberate hydrogen from non-potable water. Then a downhole filter leaves everything except hydrogen in the ground. In this way, we “leave the carbon in the ground” while harvesting clean energy.
The two big benefits of this process are gradual elimination of all emissions as our clean energy market share grows; and eventually, allowing the trillions of dollars currently spent in the creation of air pollution worldwide to be diverted to better uses because energy will be less expensive.
If Canada grows a robust and vibrant clean energy export economy in this way, then far more money can go toward various purposes other than creating toxic air via oil and gas combustion; wouldn’t it be nice for example if Canada had enough money to provide taxpayers with a far more ambitious space program, or free dance lessons for our elderly, or Pleistocene Rewilding, or subsidized robot mouth-spider dental hygienists, or balance its budget?

The successful candidates will help support development, implementation, and proliferation of Proton’s clean energy technology and will deal with a wide assortment of tasks, challenges, and opportunities within their role as directed by their supervisor.
Proton is looking for great people who work hard and smart, finish tasks, and communicate clearly.