Alberta Politicians Tour the Proton Lab

Proton Technologies lab was toured today by a collection of senior politicians and government officials in Alberta.

The tour included Robyn Luff, MLA Calgary-East and Michael Connolly, MLA, Calgary–Hawkwood.  Anne Mcgrath, Executive Director of the Premier’s office, was also in attendance.
Anne McGrath,
Executive Director – Southern Alberta Office of the Premier

The tour was an opportunity for everyone to witness first hand the lab tests that will determine the effectiveness of Proton’s new apparatus for harvesting hydrogen down-hole, directly from reservoirs.

Michael Connolly, MLA
Calgary – Hawkwood

During the tour the attending politicians became more familiar with Proton’s plans for transforming Canada’s carbon-intensive oil and gas industry into a clean hydrogen economy

Proton explained that this new technology is one way for Alberta to retain existing jobs and support the oil and gas economy, even as oil and natural gas prices decline and emissions increase.  

Robyn Luff, MLA

The opportunity is a way to leverage prior investments in oil and gas fields and to create a more stable, future-proof and diversified resource industry.  Large-scale low-cost hydrogen production can make Alberta and Canada a ‘first mover’ with significant role in a coming hydrogen economy.  

If Proton is successful at producing hydrogen at less cost than natural gas, with no carbon emissions, fortunes will be made by early adopters and by governments with supportive legislation and funding programs. 

Proton representatives explained that their first implementations will be at sites where significant production has already happened, which solves another giant problem the Alberta government is struggling with – abandonment liability.  Every time an old well can be repurposed as a hydrogen production well, the scale of Alberta’s “orphan well” problem can diminish.