Acquisition of the Superb Test Facility Complete

Acquisition of the Superb Test Oil and Gas Facility Complete

Calgary, AB

Proton Technologies Canada Inc. (Proton) has secured the Superb air injection test facility to de-risk the technology development path of its clean hydrogen innovation suite. Superb, located near Kerrobert, Saskatchewan, will be operated under a subsidiary of Proton, Superb Operating Company Ltd.

The purchase of the facility enables Proton to complete the remaining hydrogen technology testing at the Superb site, where it intends to produce clean commercial hydrogen. Ownership of the test site de-risks technology development and improves timelines and cost efficiencies.

Originally built at a cost of $200 million, the project was producing hydrogen as a byproduct. Proton will take advantage of the inherent hydrogen potential to accelerate the technology development path and realize commercial development sooner.

The site will have the ability to incubate technology suites, not only for Proton’s hydrogen technology, but also for additional cascading or forking innovations. Proton looks forward to moving their successful laboratory proof-of-concept work into the field as part of the Natural Resources Canada funded field trial in Q1 2018.