We’re creating a continuous source of green, clean and affordable energy from deep earth. We’re meeting a huge market need with a rapidly scalable solution. Using our patented technology for ‘Hygenic Earth Energy’, industries worldwide will convert hydrocarbon reservoirs into hydrogen mines and thermal generators, and simply leave the carbon and other pollutants in the ground. All kinds of reservoirs will be converted – new and abandoned, light oil and heavy oil, gas and coal.

the proton process

Find out how we make Hydrogen from Deep Earth

one solution
Multiple impacts

Proton Technologies offers a rapidly, massively scalable solution that solves many challenges. 

Hydrogen is Clean

When produced with our patented technology, it creates only energy and pure water.​​

Revive our Energy Sector

Natural gas pipelines can transport large volumes of hydrogen without any hardware changes.

Guilt-free Growth

Hydrogen simultaneously creates new clean energy sources, rejuvenates economies and help countries meet their climate change goals.

Revolutionize Global Economies

Industries can leverage existing investments and compete with clean energy as clean energy.

Increase Profits, Maximize Revenue

Our patented process combines two proven technologies, In-Situ gasification industry and hydrogen selectivity techniques to produce H2 in mature oil fields. This process results in zero emissions by separating and sending H2 to the surface, leaving hydrocarbons in the ground. It’s also significantly more cost-effective as it uses the ground as the reactor, instead of expensive and complex surface facilities.

Proton Technologies offers a first-to-market solution that is significantly more beneficial to industry, the environment, government and society than current H2 production processes such as steam methane reforming (SMR) and electrolysis. It is also massively scalable, easily meeting a quickly growing demand.