CleaR Hydrogen

at low cost

Clear Hydrogen is Carbon-Negative (below net-zero)

Proton Technologies offers a rapidly, massively scalable solution that solves many challenges. 

Hydrogen Is Clean

When produced with our patented technology, it creates only energy and pure water..

Revolutionize Global Economies

Industries can leverage existing investments and compete with clean energy as clean energy.

Guilt-free Growth

Hydrogen simultaneously creates new clean energy sources, rejuvenates economies and help countries meet their climate change goals.

Revive our Energy Sector

Natural gas pipelines can transport large volumes of hydrogen without any hardware changes.

Proof of Concept

Unlike traditional methods, our process separates H2 and sends it to the surface while leaving hydrocarbons underground. We combine two proven technologies, In-Situ gasification and hydrogen selectivity techniques, that ensure cost-effective production of H2 in oil fields.