“There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune".”
William Shakespeare

Proton Technologies


We’re creating a continuous source of green, clean and affordable energy from deep earth. We’re meeting a huge market need with a rapidly scalable solution. Using our patented technology for ‘Hygenic Earth Energy’, industries worldwide will convert hydrocarbon reservoirs into hydrogen mines and thermal generators, and simply leave the carbon and other pollutants in the ground. All kinds of reservoirs will be converted – new and abandoned, light oil and heavy oil, gas and coal.

Hygenic Earth Energy

Find out how we make Hydrogen from Deep Earth

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Proton Technologies offers a rapidly, massively scalable solution that solves many challenges. meets a huge addressable market. Working on even abandoned oil wells are massive, energy-dense hydrogen deposits. Inserting our patented filter deep into the reservoir allows hydrogen to pass through and reach the surface. All other emissions remain deep underground.

Hydrogen is Clean

When produced with our patented technology, it creates only energy and pure water.​​

Revive our Energy Sector

Natural gas pipelines can transport large volumes of hydrogen without any hardware changes.

Guilt-free Growth

Hydrogen simultaneously creates new clean energy sources, rejuvenates economies and help countries meet their climate change goals. Hydrogen is a Triple-Play.

Revolutionize Global Economies

Industries can leverage existing investments and compete with clean energy as clean energy.


What regions are leading the transformation to Hydrogen?

The most significant transformation will occur in regions that support fuel cell vehicles (FCVs)and innovations in the transportation sector.  Germany, California and Japan have already committed to FCVs.  So too have leading global transport industries. Toyota has committed to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, leaving behind the heavy and hard to recycle batteries in favour of greater range and flexibility.

The German solution is to expand upon their two existing hydrogen pipelines, create vast amounts of hydrogen storage, and install 50 publicly accessible hydrogen fueling stations by the end of 2016. The Ministry of Energy estimates that 50 stations are enough to begin a wholesale transformation of the German fleet to hydrogen in five regions of the country. They are targeting 400 stations in Germany by 2023 and ultimately 1000 stations(for 90 million people).

Hydrogen Refueling Station in Germany 3 Minute-fill-up per vehicle (www.cleanenergypartnership.de)

In the same fashion that Germany’s Clean Energy Partnership may lead a transformation to a hydrogen-fueled transport in Europe, so too could Alberta demonstrate a ‘hydrogen highway’ for Canada. The Edmonton – Calgary strip could support an extension of the existing hydrogen pipeline from Refinery Row; twenty hydrogen fueling stations could service the majority of people in the province. Of course the primary source of Alberta’s hydrogen would be the massive bitumen reserves in the Athabasca region. The oil sands would move Alberta’s green economy from worst to first.

For many industry leaders and government agencies in locations like Alberta, HEE is a dream solution. It provides a new way to take advantage of hydrocarbon resources – reviving even the wet, abandoned oil reservoirs, the uneconomic oil sands, and the obsolete or stranded coal mines near urban regions. Existing businesses and utilities can simply re-purpose their assets and labour force, and adapt rather than shut down. Government revenues can be restored. The oil and gas majors can use their tremendous financial power to overcome any technical challenges during the early stages, and lead the green energy revolution. It is a dream scenario, and it is for this reason, above all, that HEE will likely receive substantial research and development support.

Globally the economic future for HEE is more difficult to predict. Many technologies are competing. Hydrogen vehicles are likely to coexist along side many other options, as was the case when the internal combustion engine was first introduced. The outcome may depend upon leadership, and innovation.

Increase Profits, Maximize Revenue

Proton Technologies helps oil producers make low-cost, high profit, zero emissions hydrogen from existing oil fields. Our patented process combines two proven technologies, In-Situ gasification industry and hydrogen selectivity techniques to produce H2 in mature oil fields. This process results in zero emissions by separating and sending H2 to the surface, leaving hydrocarbons in the ground. It’s also significantly more cost-effective as it uses the ground as the reactor, instead of expensive and complex surface facilities. Proton Technologies offers a first-to-market solution that is signifcantly more beneficial to industry, the environment, government and society current H2 production processes steam methane reforming (SMR) and electrolysis. It is also massively scalable, easily meeting a quickly growing demand. Proton Technologies has a first-to-market advantage and is revolutionizing the smooth transition to a new, green economy while simultaneously re-energizing Canada’s oil and gas industry.